Tips for growing crops in a greenhouse during winter


A greenhouse creates a conducive environment for crops being grown thus nurturing them past their natural season limits. Greenhouse growing tends to extend your seasons allowing you to grow more crops for a longer period of time even when weather is not favourable. After building a winter greenhouse, you will have to maintain it due to damages, accidents, wear and tear which have an impact on your plants’ environment.
The following tips will help you grow plants in a greenhouse during winter:
1. Keep the doors closedYou should make sure that all the doors are closed to ensure that temperature is regulated inside the greenhouse. To maintain the conducive temperatures inside the greenhouse, you should close other possible openings in your greenhouse e.g. vents, flues or windows. If you have employees, remind them to keep these openings and doors closed all the time.
2. Reinforce your doorsTo have your doors shut properly and all the time, ensure that they are working properly. You can add another layer of plastic on your door and install shims in your door frame to ensure that it closes properly.
3. Carry out regular maintenanceCheck out for punctures, cracks, drafts or even loosened plastic to avoid lowering the efficiency of your greenhouse. Strong winds, animals, tools, equipment and tree branches can punch holes on your structure making it ineffective. You need to carry out regular maintenance and repair routines to make sure that your greenhouse is in a perfect condition.
4. Use row covers insideIf you have done everything required to reinforce and maintain your structure and still it feel cold, you should consider using smaller coverings within your greenhouse. However, this is possible if your greenhouse is not crowded with tables or benches. In addition, your plants should be growing on a straight line to make it easier to set up a cold frame, reemay, fabric row cover or a low tunnel. After installing a row cover, your plants will be having a double protection against cold and drafts that could sneak into your greenhouse.